Announcing Dr. Torres’ New Book

Coming Soon September 2020

What others are saying

“A complex introspection of a doctor, husband, father, human. Although riddled with tales of adventure through colorful coral reefs and ancient Inca trails, the more subtle journey of growth tells a universal story sure to keep a reader’s interest and intrigue. From childhood traumas in the pool, anxiety, and violence. Dr.Torres is a person we recognize either as a friend or ourselves. Reading this will not only spark imagination and excitement but will fuel your own path to self discovery wherever that may lead!”   – SJT

“This is a remarkable account of self-discovery, courage, and change. My brother documents the genesis, struggle and, eventual, overcoming of his crippling anxieties with a mesmerizing transparency that lends credibility and practicality to every facet of his story. He uses a wonderful balance of scientific background with relatable vignettes of key points in his life in openly sharing all aspects of his insights, setbacks, and victories.

This story has been, naturally, particularly poignant and impactful to me because I lived many of these experiences with him. I understand the effect that these have had on his life and how far he has come to achieve an extraordinary level of success, accomplishment, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment. Importantly, his story inspires the recognition that anyone suffering from the same type of debilitating anxieties and fears can achieve a liberating freedom to unlock hidden potential. Given the number of people currently suffering under the weight of this type of handicap, I believe that my brother, in his display of vulnerability, has contributed to changing the world by helping to liberate this potential. “      – Juan Torres