In his mid-twenties, while in his second year of medical school, Dr. Torres rushed himself to the local emergency room. He thought he was dying. A few more unexplained ER trips, and Dr. Torres was finally diagnosed with panic attacks brought on by severe anxiety. The other doctors could not do much to ease their colleague’s anxieties. Dr. Torres was forced to treat himself.

Doctors always take a patient’s medical history, and Dr. Torres’ self-assessment was no different. In Keep Kicking, Frisco, Torres describes this whacky journey of self-discovery and sheds light on how the accumulated eccentricities of our upbringings shape the person we grow up to be– panic attacks and all.

From a small apartment in the center of 1960s Seville to a swimming pool in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the scenes included in this memoir tell the story of shared anxieties and contagious fears. Each character who enters the young Torres’ life leaves a lasting impression on him, and only through fully exploring these personalities does the author come out on the other side of his own discomfort.

– Dr. Torres is the author of many successful books

Apart from retelling a zany family history, this book aims to demonstrate how the lives of others intersect with our own and shape who we become. For those who suffer from anxiety, depression and fear, Dr. Torres’ story offers hope for the future and a blueprint for overcoming the panic we sometimes face in our own lives. 

Dr. Torres was born in Seville, Spain and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico in 1982 with a degree in Biology.  He then attended the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine and was awarded an MD in 1986.  Dr. Torres performed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Juan before completing a Musculoskeletal Fellowship at Lousiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans. He went on to serve three years as a Clinical Instructor of Medicine and Assistant Professor at LSU before joining Florida Spine Institute in 1993. 

Dr. Torres specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with spine-related pain syndromes and osteoarthritis of multiple joints.  He is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as the Florida Medical Association.  He is also a fellow of the American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine and a member of the International Spinal Injection Society.  He has been certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and the American Board of Pain Management.He also completed the International Spinal Injection Society’s Certificate in Discography. 

He has authored or co-authored several articles published in various medical journals including the American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He has presented at several medical conferences in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina on topics related to his practice and research.  Dr. Torres has also participated in several clinical research studies and was the principal investigator studying the use of Botulinum Toxin Type A as a treatment for chronic lower back pain.  He has been the Vice President of the Florida Academy of Pain Management and is the current director of the Osteoporosis Program at Florida Spine.