“I purchased a copy of this book during my mother’s initial appointment with Dr. Torres. Intrigued by the title and back jacket cover, I could immediately relate to how our anxieties and insecurities are both passed down to us from our parents as well as how we pass them down to our children. I greatly appreciate his open honesty about how family structure and nuances shape our outlook on life but they do not have to have the final say on determining who we ultimately choose to become. Like Dr. Torres, I wanted so much more out of life than what my parents or grandparents ever wanted, I wanted to “break the mold” and be so much more. I appreciate how he shares his personal goals, steps he took to achieve them, in addition to the challenges he faced when trying to take steps toward the life he desired to live. This book is very well written and relatable. As we all struggle with “baggage” of some kind, I would highly recommend you read this book. It’s sure to provide you with some valuable nuggets of insight that could possibly help you overcome your own anxieties and insecurities. Thank you Dr. Torres for sharing your story through this book.”
 – Tara Smith

“A complex introspection of a doctor, husband, father, human. Although riddled with tales of adventure through colorful coral reefs and ancient Inca trails, the more subtle journey of growth tells a universal story sure to keep a reader’s interest and intrigue. From childhood traumas in the pool, anxiety, and violence Dr.Torres is a person we recognize either as a friend or ourselves. Reading this will not only spark imagination and excitement but will fuel your own path to self discovery wherever that may lead!”   

“This is a remarkable account of self-discovery, courage, and change. My brother documents the genesis, struggle and, eventual, overcoming of his crippling anxieties with a mesmerizing transparency that lends credibility and practicality to every facet of his story. He uses a wonderful balance of scientific background with relatable vignettes of key points in his life in openly sharing all aspects of his insights, setbacks, and victories. This story has been, naturally, particularly poignant and impactful to me because I lived many of these experiences with him. I understand the effect that these have had on his life and how far he has come to achieve an extraordinary level of success, accomplishment, personal growth, and spiritual enlightenment. Importantly, his story inspires the recognition that anyone suffering from the same type of debilitating anxieties and fears can achieve a liberating freedom to unlock hidden potential. Given the number of people currently suffering under the weight of this type of handicap, I believe that my brother, in his display of vulnerability, has contributed to changing the world by helping to liberate this potential.”       
 – Juan Torres

“After reading the amazing adventure of the author’s defining experience in Peru, I thought these two stunning chapters were not only the climax but, also, a conclusion. The chapters “The Inca Trail” and “The Finish Line” tell a story of bravery and triumph that are inspirational to those of us, still, is search of peace and acceptance. Why, therefore should there be a chapter about “The Train ride Home?” Then, out of nowhere, I was forced to put the book down and laugh until I could not laugh any more. In an incident that was typical of his early years, the author gave Evelyn, the first love of his life, toxic earrings that sent her for antibiotics. This poor kid could not get a break.

I have heard many relate a story about their life, and say “I should write a book”. Well, I am glad that Dr. Torres decided to do so. His need to write this incredibly personal look at his struggle for peace is a necessary element to his future happiness.
I am sure an editor would structure this book in a way to make it more organized. There are many situations and names of important people that should be developed, but doing this might distract the reader from the mania being suffered by Dr. Torres.

Along with many incidents described in this book, we, often, get an analysis of what these situations mean. But, the truth is that the main problem in the matriculation of the author concerns his love/hate relationship with his closest family members, especially his father. Though pages 93-94-95 give us some insight into the authoritarian family, the problems caused are not so easily solved.
There is catharsis in this book, and I, too, feel it as a child surrounded by nuns, priests and the guilt of my transgressions, but I never needed the extreme therapy and struggle endured by Dr. Torres. His needs and his energy to fulfill these needs is overwhelming.

There is something else I noticed that I really enjoyed. Throughout his struggle, he did some really exciting things. The stories of flying are exciting and, even, frightening. The exploration and the appreciation of the beauties of Peru will be remembered. My first thought was NOT to run the marathon, but, rather, I would love to visit this magnificence.

The book’s title is absolutely on point. The energy must be enormous. All of us can learn from the intent of the books title. It is reminiscent of Sisyphus whose life struggle led me to my life’s mantra “Roll the stone”. I heard a great man once say “Nobody has it together all the time. Everybody messes up, just keep pushing that stone”.

– Bob Clifford

What an excellent read for people struggling w/anxiety, fears, and actually any other struggle in life, that renders a person impotent. The fact that you put all these internal pains in writing, tells me how courageous, and determine you were in search of healing yourself.
Loved your last pages;

love for God, universe, and the people that surround you; very humbling words.
We are more than human beings; we are light beings. Suffering brings us closer to what we really are.
Thank you for sharing. I feel honored. God bless you